A Tribute to Deacon Richard and Mother Inez Sanders


Deacon Richard, Jr. and the late Mrs. Inez Miller Sanders were both born in the state of Mississippi to very humble beginnings. They attended St. Paul Church of God in Christ in Lexington where they continued to worship after marriage. St. Paul was Bishop Charles Harrison Mason’s first church known as the “Mother Church,” under the leadership of Elder W. A. Patterson.

Mother Sanders lived across the road from the church, adjacent to Saints Junior College. Deacon Sanders lived in Yazoo County. He is the son of the late District Missionary Joanna Sanders, Assistant to the late Mother Beck. Mother Beck was Supervisor of Mississippi, under the administration of Bishop Lyles. Bishop Lyles was one of the patriots of the early church, along with Bishop Daniel Bostick. During the early years of their marriage, Deacon and Mother Sanders were one of the young couples who leased one of the buildings from the church, where they were saved under Bishop Mason.

In 1943, they moved to St. Louis and joined fellowship at Williams Temple with the late Bishop Columbus Williams. They left Williams Temple in 1969 to help Elder W. Wesley Sanders, their third child of ten children, to build a new congregation, known as Shiloh Temple Church of God in Christ.

Mother Sanders was a “Mother of the Year” recipient in the Department of Women, Eastern Missouri Western Illinois Jurisdiction, under the leadership of our former Jurisdictional Supervisor, the late Dr. Saint Carrie Dinwiddie. As a “Silent Pillar,” Mother Sanders worked faithfully and wholeheartedly supporting every entity of the church. Along with the work of Church Mother, she was a prayer warrior, counselor, encourager, and woman of wisdom, Church Secretary, Deaconess and one of the leading financial fundraisers of the Church. Both Mother and Dad Sanders have richly used the knowledge gained from the patriots of the early church to train and establish the present-day membership of Shiloh Temple, where Deacon Sanders remains a pillar of support to the Church.